Shipwreck Beads proudly offers the World's largest selection of beads! We carry thousands of intensely popular fire polished and seed beads at the world's best prices. Plus a vast selection of elegant crystals from top names like Swarovski and Preciosa. We hold an ever growing selection of beautiful gemstone beads. Check out our earthy selection of bone and horn or shell beads to add a completely natural look to your jewelry. Our fun and versatile plastic beads come in tons of vibrant colors and are great for kids. At over 80,000 square feet, our building is still nearly bursting with beads! Beads are cool. Beads are fun... for everyone!

Item Details:

Metal Stamp 3pc 6mm Magical Set
Picture of MS17-MG, Metal Stamp 3pc 6mm Magical Set

1 SE $13.99 ($13.99 per SE)


Shape: Stamp Sets
Size: Design Stamps
Finish: Magical Set
Material: Steel
Manufacturer: Metal Complex
Made in: China
Description: Metal Complex 3 Piece fancy stamp set. Stamp on metal blanks, clay, and wood. Stamp set includes three designs: Crown, Butterfly, and Hearts.
Showroom Aisle: 8
Showroom Section: Q

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Metal Punch Plier 1.25mm With Replacement
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Showroom Location
Aisle 11 Section C
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Metal Stamp 3pc 6mm Eco-chic Set
Picture of MS17-EC, Metal Stamp 3pc 6mm Eco-chic Set

1 SE $13.99 ($13.99 per SE)


Showroom Location
Aisle 8 Section Q
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Bead Mixtures

Bead MixturesMix it up with our huge selection of bead mixtures! Bead mixtures are a fun and fantastic way to get a good variety if coordinated beads in one cost effective purchase. Bead mixtures come in delightfully complimentary colors, shapes, styles, and sizes. Some of our most popular mixtures are India bead mixtures, fire polished bead mixtures, and plastic bead mixtures.

Bracelet Basics

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Alphabet Beads

Alphabet beads!Spell out how much you love them with alphabet beads. Add that personal touch by spelling their name, spelling a message of love or by just hanging their initials around their necks. Choose from Glass Alphabet Beads, Sterling Silver Letter Beads, Brass Alphabet Charms and Pewter Alphabet Beads and Charms.

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