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Learn how to make fun and fashionable knotted hemp jewelry and accessories. Most knotting and macrame projects call for wood beads, so don't forget to stock up. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you are certain to find some great design ideas for all your knotty fantasies!

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Useful Knots By Geoffrey Budworth
Picture of BK627, Useful Knots By Geoffrey Budworth

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Shape: Knotting
Manufacturer # ISBN: 159228602X
Description: Title:Useful Knots
Author: Geoffrey Budsworth
Publisher: Lyons Press, 2004
Useful Knots is an excellent resource for anglers, climbers, sailors, campers, and of course, beaders! Topics consist of a brief history of rope materials, how to distinguish a knot from a hitch or a bend, tips and techniques for each knot's construction, how to avoid fraying, and many more. Easy to follow diagrams and clear guidelines as to which knot is best suited for a certain activity.

Soft Cover
96 Pages

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