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Bead Work Second Edition
Picture of BK66-02, Bead Work Second Edition

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Shape: Historical Beading
Manufacturer # ISBN: 0916896218
Description: Title: Bead Work: Second Edition
Edited by: Jules and Kaethe Kliot
Publisher: Lacis Publications, 1996
This book compiles instructions and patterns from original early twentieth century sources. The purpose of this book is to rekindle the spirit of fine bead work as worked in the past. This book shows how the fashioning of beaded items today is not a fad, but a continuation of the process of bead artistry begun long ago. Many of the beads described in this book are no longer available in today's modern bead market, but substitutions can easily be obtained. The beaded purse is a common appearance within this book, but there are also necklaces, belts, and hairpieces. This book also provides guidance on how to repair these treasured works of art from days long gone. Black and white reproductions of original instructions, patterns, and photographs.
Skill Level: Advanced
Soft Cover
94 Pages

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