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Classical Loop In Loop Chains
Picture of BK374, Classical Loop In Loop Chains

1 BK $34.95 ($34.95 per BK)


Shape: Chain Making
Manufacturer # ISBN: 0961598484
Description: Title: Classical Loop-in-Loop Chains and Their Derivatives
Authors: Jean Reist Stark and Josaphine Reist Smith
Publisher: Brynmorgan Press, 1999
This is the definitive text on loop-in- loop chain making, and belongs in every serious chainmaker's library. This text is far more involved than your standard wire wrapping craft book and is intended for the serious jewelry maker. Not only does this text offer the invaluable instruction on chainmaking, it is also a celebration of man's continuous creativity over thousands of years. Learn six classical loop-in-loop chains and their many variations- 38 chain styles total. Step by step instructions and clear illustrations accompany each design.
Skill Level: Advanced
Hard cover with spiral binding to lay flat
190 Pages
Catalog Page: 989

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