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With hundreds of beading books and magazines to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect one to suit your needs. We carry books on bead looming, beaded earrings, macrame, and native American bead work plus much much more. Whether you are looking to learn about stitching seed beads, stringing crystals and pearls, wire working, or clay sculpting, you can find all right here!

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Thimble Catchers By Amethyst Loh Kupser
Picture of BK95, Thimble Catchers By Amethyst Loh Kupser

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Shape: Thimble Catchers and Needle Cases
Description: Title: Thimble Catchers Volume One: Fun Quick Projects for Beginning and Advanced Beaders
Author: Amy Loh-Kupser
Publisher: Self Published, 2002
These delicate amulets are just the right size for thimbles, hence the name "Thimble Catchers". This form of beadweaving is fun and easy to learn. Easy to follow step-by-step illustrated instructions for the basic gourd (also known as peyote) beadweaving stitch plus the decreasing instructions to close the top and bottoms both flat and curved. Quick start patterns for the body of the thimble catcher and tops are included. Patterns include: The thimble catcher amulet designs with full color graphs and photos of finished products. Complete fringe and necklace design instructions with bead counts and descriptions of the ornamental glass beads. Choose from Amethyst Mist, Acorn, Color Crazy, Bluebell, Zebra Fancy, Seaside, Blue Flame, Springtime, Golden Dream, Crystal Shimmer, Happiness, and Moon Shadow
Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Spiral bound card stock cover
35 Pages

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Wild Things Peyote Brick Loom Square
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