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Learn how to bead from the comfort of your own couch! Our instructional beading DVDs will surely prove to be a valuable tool for expanding your beading repertoire. Learn seed bead stitching, wire sculpting, and metal clay basics at an easy to follow pace. You will love each of these valuable learning tools!

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Design Originals Fantasy Beaded Bags
Picture of BK152, Design Originals Fantasy Beaded Bags

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Shape: Design Originals
Size: Fantasy Beaded Bags
Manufacturer: Design Originals
Manufacturer # ISBN: 1574214845
Description: Title: Fantasy Beaded Bags: for Peyote/ Brick Stitch with Delica Beads or Seed Beads
Author: Deb Bergs
Publisher: Design Originals by Suzanne McNeill, 2003
You will fall in love with these gorgeous images of mythical and fantasy beings and peaceful landscapes. Although all the patterns are for both peyote and brick stitch, the author suggests use of peyote stitch for all rectangular patterns, and brick stitch for non rectangular patterns such as the fearsome dragon Night Wings and the mermaid's tail extending from Ships at Sea. All together you will find two mermaid patterns Ships at Sea and Fishy, A woman gazing into the depths of a crystal ball Gazing, a pert little fairy maiden perched on a pebble Waiting, a ferocious winged dragon Night Wings, three majestic unicorns Silhouette, Unicorn Tapestry, and Mystic Morn, two landscapes, one is a boat on the seashore Beached, which may also be used for the back of Ships at Sea, the other is inspired by a Tiffany window, evoking a mountain sunset Tiffany, There are also six other designs intended to be backs to various bags, all of which will also make striking pieces all alone!
Skill Level: Advanced
Soft Cover
35 Pages

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