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Learn how to bead from the comfort of your own couch! Our instructional beading DVDs will surely prove to be a valuable tool for expanding your beading repertoire. Learn seed bead stitching, wire sculpting, and metal clay basics at an easy to follow pace. You will love each of these valuable learning tools!

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Dvd Pmc Beads By Tim Mccreight
Picture of DV20, Dvd Pmc Beads By Tim Mccreight

1 EA $30.00 ($30.00 per EA)


Shape: PMC Beads
Description: Title: PMC Basics
Starring: Tim McCreight
Directed by: Gary Robinov
Released by:Brynmorgan Press, 2005
Run Time: 70 minutes
This video instructs you how to craft five different beads illustrating five different ways to work with precious metal clay. Creator Tim McCreight calls this video a "hybrid... It is not a project tape, but it doesn't' limit itself to technique either. In fact, you can have it both ways. People who want projects can make these beads, but people who want technique will find that the information applies to anything you make with metal clay." Instructional chapters include Hollow Spheres, Found Cores, Dry Assembly, Organic Forms and Mold Using.
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Layout Board With Cover 9.75x13.25inch
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Artistic Wire 28 Gauge Powder Blue 15 Yards
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Pendant Pine Cone Silver 8x13mm
Picture of PW782-S, Pendant Pine Cone Silver 8x13mm

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