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Learn how to bead from the comfort of your own couch! Our instructional beading DVDs will surely prove to be a valuable tool for expanding your beading repertoire. Learn seed bead stitching, wire sculpting, and metal clay basics at an easy to follow pace. You will love each of these valuable learning tools!

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Intro To Precious Metal Clay
Picture of BK736, Intro To Precious Metal Clay

1 BK $24.95 ($24.95 per BK)


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Shape: Metal Clay
Manufacturer # ISBN: 091998536X
Description: Title: Introduction to Precious Metal Clay: A Do-It-Yourself Master Class
Author: Mary Ann Devos
Publisher: Wardell Publications Inc, 2006
This is a fantastic introduction to the hot new art of precious metal clay. The author's friendly, personable, and easy to understand teaching style makes learning this craft a breeze. The book presents a balanced combination of expert advice and project inspiration. You will learn all about the different types of precious metal clay, the tools, and the techniques. There are 18 fantastic projects from which to branch out and master your own creative destiny. Aside from basic instruction and the projects, you will also appreciate the over 300 beautifully shot, full color photographs as well as the helpful glossary and index. Once you have completed this Do-It-Yourself Master Class, you will want to move onto the more advanced pieces in Mary Ann's next book: Precious Metal Clay In Mixed Media
Skill Level: Beginner
Soft Cover
96 Pages

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Easy Ear Wire Jig
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Jump Ring Round Copper 5mm 18ga 173pc/14gm
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Swarovski Crystal Head Pin 1 1/2 .021 Gold
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