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Let your quest for guidance lead you to our media selection. We offer a good selection of instructional materials ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Start your kids off right and teach them a craft they will love for the rest of their lives with a book full of simple and fun beading projects for children. Just starting yourself? That's okay! We offer books to get you started on the path to being a true bead-head! Once you have learned the basics, we offer a great selection of instructional materials with topics ranging from necklaces, decorative accessories, cheyenne or peyote stitches to beaded flowers. What ever you want to learn to do, we have the book, dvd or software to get you going!

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Fashion Jewelry To Make Yourself
Picture of BK332, Fashion Jewelry To Make Yourself

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Manufacturer # ISBN: 0887408745
Description: Title: Fashion Jewelry to Make Yourself
Author:Renate Bosshart
Translator: From original German by: Sabine FelsPublisher: Schiffer Publishing, 1995
This book features over 100 beautifully photographed, fashionable designs created using simple jewelry making techniques such as stringing and wrapped loops. These unique jewelry pieces are sure to complete any woman's wardrobe from extravagant to carefree! Use these fresh designs as sources of inspiration, as the instructions and graphics are brief.
Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Soft Cover
125 Pages

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