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We've got all those little extras you just can't live without! Are you a belly dancer? Or just want to jingle a bit with every step? Then you need to get some Belly Dancing Bells. These little bells produce a delightful and light jingling sound when strung together in bunches. They work best when worn on either an anklet or attached to the end of a draw string. You can also save valuable time and effort with pre measured necklace components and bracelet parts. The clasp is already attached to the jewelry chain, so all you need to do is attach your favorite beads and go! Use a watch face and create a one of a kind beaded watch!


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Dancing Bell 10mm 100 Piece Bundle
Picture of BL2000, Dancing Bell 10mm 100 Piece Bundle

1 EA $20.76 ($20.76 per EA) was $25.95

2 EA $35.20 ($17.60 per EA) was $44.00


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India Dancing Bell Jingle Brass 10mm
Picture of BL360-G, India Dancing Bell Jingle Brass 10mm

40 PC $3.36 ($0.08 per PC) was $4.20

80 PC $5.68 ($0.07 per PC) was $7.10

200 PC $11.32 ($0.06 per PC) was $14.15

640 PC $34.48 ($0.05 per PC) was $43.10


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