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Concho With Star Design 2 Hole 1.5in Silver
Picture of FI350-S, Concho With Star Design 2 Hole 1.5in Silver

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20 PC $3.64 ($0.18 per PC) was $5.20

80 PC $11.59 ($0.14 per PC) was $16.55

160 PC $22.05 ($0.14 per PC) was $31.50


Shape: Conchos
Size: 01.5in
Color: Silver
Finish: Metallic
Material: Base Metal
Description: Conchos are metal discs stamped or embossed with designs, and are an integral part of Western fashions. They always look great with turquoise! Conchos can be used as leather, cord, ribbon, and even scarf slides. They can be used as jewelry, belt and hat components.
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