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Pheasant Feather

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Item Details:

Pheasant Lady Amherst Pad 4.5x5 Inch
Picture of FR598, Pheasant Lady Amherst Pad 4.5x5 Inch

1 PC $6.99 ($6.99 per PC)

2 PC $11.40 ($5.70 per PC)

3 PC $13.65 ($4.55 per PC)

12 PC $52.50 ($4.38 per PC)


Shape: Pheasant Feather
Size: 04.5x05 Inch
Finish: 04.5x05 Inch
Material: Pheasant Feather on Felt
Description: These handmade feather pads are made from natural Lady Amherst Pheasant feathers that are glued onto a piece of fabric. The pad measures 4.5x5". This feather pad is a natural iridescent hue that's sure to attract attention! Attractive and popular feather pads are great for adding to hats and headbands!
Dyed and Sanitized in the United States
Showroom Aisle: 29
Showroom Section: A

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