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Blues- Sapphire or Sky Blues

Turn your boring utilitarian name tag into your favorite piece of jewelry! Start out with a basic badge or lanyard clip, and add your own sense of style with your favorite crystal and gemstone beads! Make a different one for everyday of your workweek, or to match each of your outfits. Be sure to stock up, because all your co-workers will want you to make them one too!

Item Details:

Retractable Badge Holder Sapphire
Picture of MS197-74, Retractable Badge Holder Sapphire

5 PC $3.05 ($0.61 per PC)

10 PC $4.80 ($0.48 per PC)

40 PC $15.30 ($0.38 per PC)

80 PC $29.15 ($0.36 per PC)


Shape: Retractable Badge Holders
Size: 32mm
Color: Blues- Sapphire or Sky Blues
Material: Plastic
Made in: China
Description: Retractable badge holder comes in a variety of attractive colors. 26 inch retraceable cord, metal pocket hook and clear snapping badge loop.
Showroom Aisle: 11
Showroom Section: M

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