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Satin Hamilton Gold

Gather up all those little extras that you can't live without in our findings section. No beading project can be complete without essentials such as earring hooks, or head and eye pins. This is where you will find must have items such as crimps that will ensure your beads will stay in place and bead bumpers that protect your pearls and crystals from scratching. Turn your favorite piece of stone into a wearable work of art with bead caps, or attach your shimmering fire polished beads to your jewelry chain with jump or split rings. Also be sure to check out our pewter findings as well as our precious metal findings selection. Click here to learn about the safety of products that may fall under California's Proposition 65 lead warning.

Item Details:

Eye Pin 2 Inch 22 Gauge Satin Hamilton Gold
Picture of FI63-2HG, Eye Pin 2 Inch 22 Gauge Satin Hamilton Gold

7 GM $4.50 ($0.64 per GM)

14 GM $7.00 ($0.50 per GM)

28 GM $11.15 ($0.40 per GM)

56 GM $21.25 ($0.38 per GM)


Shape: Eye Pins
Size: 02 Inch
Color: Satin Hamilton Gold
Finish: Metallic
Material: Electroplated Brass
Made in: Korea
Description: These high quality and durable lead safe brass findings are manufactured to meet strict industry standards. Use these crucial jewelry making components to affix your favorite beads to pre-made earwires, jewelry chain, and more. Simply insert the wire through your bead and loop the other end with a pair of round nose jeweler's pliers! Use the head pins to make an end bead dangle, and use the eye pins if you with to dangle another bead from the loop, or to make beaded chains!
Showroom Aisle: 28
Showroom Section: Q

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