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SS12 - 3-3.2mm

Preciosa is a World leader in the manufacture of fine crystal chatons, beads, pendants, and rhinestone jewelry components, boasting a vast array of cut, color, and coating options. Following centuries of Bohemian glass making traditions, Preciosa manufactures Genuine Czech Crystal products that are recognized the World over for their superb quality and incredible value. Each Preciosa bead, pendant and component offers extraordinary aesthetic and optical qualities unsurpassed by lower quality imitators. As a direct importer, and Authorized Distributor for Preciosa Genuine Czech Crystal we are pleased to offer our customers a huge selection of superior Preciosa products at fabulous prices!
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Item Details:

Preciosa Mc Rose Viva Ss12 Aqua Bohemica
Picture of 12RH262, Preciosa Mc Rose Viva Ss12 Aqua Bohemica

288 PC $11.50 ($0.04 per PC)

576 PC $20.20 ($0.04 per PC)

864 PC $26.95 ($0.03 per PC)

1152 PC $34.55 ($0.03 per PC)


Shape: Flat Back Rhinestones
Size: SS12 - 3-3.2mm
Color: Aqua Bohemica
Finish: Transparent
Material: Leaded Glass Crystal
Manufacturer: Preciosa 90053
Made in: Czech Republic
Manufacturer # Viva 12
Description: Preciosa® MC Chaton Rose are a flat backed glue-on rhinestone produced from top quality Czech machine cut crystal. Preciosa's new patented VIVA 12 facet stone offers even more brilliant sparkle than before! Preciosa® is a World leader in the manufacture of crystal chatons, beads and jewelry components boasting a broad variety of shapes, sizes, colors and coatings. Due to (safe) lead content in the crystal, Preciosa rhinestones are more durable and each precision cut facet emanates an irresistibly brilliant sparkle unparalleled by lower quality imitators. To affix your stone to fabrics, leathers, and other garment materials use E6000 or Gem Tac. To affix stones to hard surfaces including wood, metals and ceramics use G-S Hypo Cement.
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