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Swarovski Xilion Flat Back Greige Ss12
Picture of 12RH202-S, Swarovski Xilion Flat Back Greige Ss12

72 PC $4.95 ($0.07 per PC)

144 PC $8.15 ($0.06 per PC)

576 PC $26.00 ($0.05 per PC)

1440 PC $62.50 ($0.04 per PC)


Shape: XILION Enhanced Flat Back
Size: SS12 - 3-3.2mm
Color: Greige
Finish: Transparent
Material: Lead-free Glass Crystal
Made in: Austria
Manufacturer # 2058
Description: SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Xilion Rose Enhanced Flat Back No Hot Fix (art. 2058)
SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS introduces an upgrade to the art. 2028 XILION Rose No Hotfix. The existing art. 2028 is being completely replaced by the new art. 2058 XILION Rose Enhanced Flat Back. Enhanced brilliance and more intense colors are achieved through improved table size of the existing XILION cut.
Showroom Aisle: 5
Showroom Section: U

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