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We aren't just bits and pieces of a project: We also have some great finished product ready for you to take home today. What bead store would be complete without ready to go beaded curtains? Add a little melody to your world with an assortment of fun wind chimes from India, or add a touch of color with our beautiful glass flowers from China. We have some wonderfully festive pewter or czech glass christmas ornaments to brighten up your holiday tree. We also have a great selection of finished jewelry made from fantastic natural materials such as genuine shell, bone and hematite.

Item Details:

China Faceted Bicone Assorted Bracelets
Picture of 82PG200-B, China Faceted Bicone Assorted Bracelets

2 PC $1.35 ($0.68 per PC)

4 PC $2.35 ($0.59 per PC)

25 PC $14.00 ($0.56 per PC)


Shape: Chinese Pressed Beads
Material: Glass
Made in: China
Showroom Aisle: 13
Showroom Section: R

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Czech Faceted Round All Mixed Up
Picture of 99FC525, Czech Faceted Round All Mixed Up

100 GM $3.49 ($0.03 per GM)

200 GM $6.10 ($0.03 per GM)

500 GM $12.20 ($0.02 per GM)

1000 GM $23.45 ($0.02 per GM)


Showroom Location
Aisle 11 Section N
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Shell Bracelet Rainbow 1/2 Moon Two Hole 28mm
Picture of SH934, Shell Bracelet Rainbow 1/2 Moon Two Hole 28mm

1 PC $2.85 ($2.85 per PC)

2 PC $4.30 ($2.15 per PC)

8 PC $14.40 ($1.80 per PC)

24 PC $41.35 ($1.72 per PC)


Showroom Location
Aisle 3 Section Q
More Information.
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Hematite Necklace 12x20mm Oval
Picture of 90ST403-10, Hematite Necklace 12x20mm Oval

1 ST $2.40 ($2.40 per ST)

2 ST $3.55 ($1.77 per ST)

10 ST $14.20 ($1.42 per ST)

30 ST $40.95 ($1.36 per ST)


Showroom Location
Aisle 2 Section C
More Information.
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Hypo Cement/glue For Bead Tips 1/3 Ounce
Picture of FI406, Hypo Cement/glue For Bead Tips 1/3 Ounce

1 TU $4.95 ($4.95 per TU)

2 TU $9.00 ($4.50 per TU)

3 TU $12.65 ($4.22 per TU)


Showroom Location
Aisle 27 Section H
More Information.
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