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We aren't just bits and pieces of a project: We also have some great finished product ready for you to take home today. What bead store would be complete without ready to go beaded curtains? Add a little melody to your world with an assortment of fun wind chimes from India, or add a touch of color with our beautiful glass flowers from China. We have some wonderfully festive pewter or czech glass christmas ornaments to brighten up your holiday tree. We also have a great selection of finished jewelry made from fantastic natural materials such as genuine shell, bone and hematite.


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Linen Bust 7x5x11inches
Picture of MS6649-LN, Linen Bust 7x5x11inches

1 PC $15.26 ($15.26 per PC) was $17.95

2 PC $25.25 ($12.62 per PC) was $29.70

3 PC $34.09 ($11.36 per PC) was $40.10

4 PC $43.69 ($10.92 per PC) was $51.40


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Aisle 25 Section M
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Linen Bust 5x4x7.5 Inches
Picture of MS6652-LN, Linen Bust 5x4x7.5 Inches

1 PC $8.29 ($8.29 per PC) was $11.85

2 PC $14.14 ($7.07 per PC) was $20.20

3 PC $17.36 ($5.79 per PC) was $24.80

5 PC $27.82 ($5.56 per PC) was $39.75


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Showroom Location
Aisle 10 Section B
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