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We aren't just bits and pieces of a project: We also have some great finished product ready for you to take home today. What bead store would be complete without ready to go beaded curtains? Add a little melody to your world with an assortment of fun wind chimes from India, or add a touch of color with our beautiful glass flowers from China. We have some wonderfully festive pewter or czech glass christmas ornaments to brighten up your holiday tree. We also have a great selection of finished jewelry made from fantastic natural materials such as genuine shell, bone and hematite.

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Fiber Optic Cube Light Sapphire Blue 18 Facet 4mm
Picture of 50FO672, Fiber Optic Cube Light Sapphire Blue 18 Facet 4mm

20 PC $2.50 ($0.12 per PC)

96 PC $8.95 ($0.09 per PC)

192 PC $14.95 ($0.08 per PC)

384 PC $27.80 ($0.07 per PC)


Shape: Cubes
Size: 04mm
Color: Blues- Sapphire or Sky Blues
Finish: Cat's Eye
Material: Fiber Optic/ Cats Eye Glass
Made in: China
Description: Our beautiful Grade A Fiber Optic (Cat's Eye Beads) display a perfectly centered chatoyant "Cat's Eye" effect. These top quality beads start out from the same material used for fiber optic telephone cables. The glass fibers are fused together and then machine cut into innumerable shapes and sizes. The cat's eye effect of these beads is a result of light reflecting off the edges of the glass fibers at the surface of the bead.
Showroom Aisle: 29
Showroom Section: F

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Rose Quartz Round 8mm 48 Piece Per Strand Average
Picture of 8ST402, Rose Quartz Round 8mm 48 Piece Per Strand Average

1 ST $6.25 ($6.25 per ST)

2 ST $9.35 ($4.67 per ST)

6 ST $22.40 ($3.73 per ST)

12 ST $43.10 ($3.59 per ST)


Currently out of stock
Showroom Location
Aisle 2 Section D
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Blue Lace Agate Round 8mm
Picture of 8ST407, Blue Lace Agate Round 8mm

3 PC $3.20 ($1.07 per PC)

6 PC $3.35 ($0.56 per PC)

48 PC $21.70 ($0.45 per PC)

96 PC $41.65 ($0.43 per PC)


Showroom Location
Aisle 1 Section L
More Information.
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Seed Beads

Preciosa Ornela rocaille seed beads are by far our most popular and versatile seed bead available. Preciosa Ornela rocaille seed beads are of superior quality, machine cut, and are highly valued for their use in bead stringing, bead weaving, embroidery and much much more! Preciosa seed beads are proven to be of the upmost value, and demonstrate the highest level of shape consistency.

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