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Assorted Shapes

In Greek Mythology, Amethyst was created thanks to the god of wine Dionysus (Bacchus)and the goddess Diana. However, in the view of more modern beliefs, amethyst is a highly prized purple colored quartz. The deeper the shade of purple the higher quality the stone. Very pale specimens of this stone can be heat treated to create green amethyst. Amethyst is reputed to have healing, and intuitive properties. Amethyst is The birthstone for February.

Item Details:

Amethyst Pendant Assorted 30x40mm Average
Picture of ST414-B, Amethyst Pendant Assorted 30x40mm Average

1 PC $6.95 ($6.95 per PC)

2 PC $10.85 ($5.42 per PC)

4 PC $18.95 ($4.74 per PC)

10 PC $45.00 ($4.50 per PC)


Shape: Assorted Shapes
Size: 30x40mm
Material: Base Metal and Amethyst
Showroom Aisle: 2
Showroom Section: R

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