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Peru Raku Bottle T-rex 42x50mm
Picture of VN863-R, Peru Raku Bottle T-rex 42x50mm

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Shape: Dinosaurs
Size: 42x50mm
Color: Raku
Material: Ceramic
Made in: Peru
Description: This unique vessel pendant will make a fantastic talisman and will allow you to store your favorite essential oil, magic potion, or fairy dust close to your heart.
Raku pottery's interesting rainbow like glaze effects are created through a unique firing process. The piece is sealed in a glaze with high copper content. The pottery is fired like any other ceramic, but is removed while the glaze is still molten hot. The piece is then placed in a bin of combustible materials. These ignite, causing a reaction with the copper, resulting in a colorful luster and irregular surface patterns.
Hand crafted and painted or glazed in Peru. Peruvian ceramic beads and pendants are not toys, and are not intended for food use or for children 12 or under.
Showroom Aisle: 8
Showroom Section: T
Catalog Page: NEW2012

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