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Shiva Eye Shell With Black Lip Pendant 25mm
Picture of ST154-B, Shiva Eye Shell With Black Lip Pendant 25mm

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Shape: 20mm
Material: Operculum Shell
Description: Shiva Eye Shell, AKA: Eye of Shiva Shell and Pacific Cat's Eye is a unique little treasure. The Shiva Eye is a protective covering at the opening of a Turban Snail's shell. Once the snail has reached the end of its natural life, the protective doorway falls away from the shell, and is left on the sea floor for divers to collect. This oceanic little treasure is two sided, and can be worn both ways. The flat side of the shell displays a spiral set amidst a milky white background. The exact shape and color of the spiral is unique from shell to shell. The color can range from white to browns, greens, pinks, and oranges depending upon the snails diet. The domed side of the shell features a layering of colors that subtly resembles an eye, hence the shell's name. The Eye of Shiva is the third eye in the center of the Hindu God Shiva's forehead. This eye symbolizes wisdom, and the ability to look beyond the surface, spiritual knowledge, and creative visualization.
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