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Clover Pendants

Swarovski® is the premium brand for the finest crystal embellishments since 1895. It is recognized for its innovation excellence and its collaborations with top-class designers and brands in the fashion, jewelry, accessories, interior design, and lighting industries across the globe.
Available in a myriad of colors, effects, shapes, and sizes, crystals from Swarovski offer a fabulous palette of inspiration and are produced according to the innovative, lead-free* Advanced Crystal standard.

*Crystal glass and all other materials containing 0.009% lead or less.

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Swarovski Clover Pendant Light Rose 23mm
Picture of 57CT292-23, Swarovski Clover Pendant Light Rose 23mm

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Shape: Clover Pendants
Size: 23mm
Color: Light Rose
Finish: Transparent
Material: Glass Crystal
Manufacturer: SWAROVSKI
Description: SWAROVSKI Clover Pendant (art. 6764) Happy-go-lucky. The four hearts that form the Clover Pendant are more than a playful component - they make up a talisman that creates good luck and brightens up your day. Joyful, optimistic, romantic. The Clover Pendant belongs to vibrant looks that make a feel-good statement.
Transform your fashions from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY with SWAROVSKI! SWAROVSKI crystals have dominated the glass crystal industry for over a century. Their crystals reign supreme in precision, quality, variety, and style. If you want your designs to sparkle with unparalleled sophistication and distinction choose SWAROVSKI!
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