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Laser Expressions Silver or Gold Foiled Pendants

Absolutely charming! We've got THOUSANDS of charms and pendants all vying to be chosen as your next favorite focal! Styles range from simplistic or sophisticated, to whimsical and boho. We've got almost any charm style imaginable available in our pewter and base metal selections, our ceramic bottle pendants are topping the charts in boho designs, and the brilliant shine of our Swarovski Crystal pendants just can't be beat!

Item Details:

Maple Wood Pendant Silver 6 Petal 40mm
Picture of WC920-MS, Maple Wood Pendant Silver 6 Petal 40mm

1 PC $9.75 ($9.75 per PC)

2 PC $14.50 ($7.25 per PC)

3 PC $17.50 ($5.83 per PC)

6 PC $33.70 ($5.62 per PC)


Shape: Maple Wood Pendants
Size: 40mm
Color: Maple
Finish: Silver Foiled
Material: Maple Wood and Silver Foil
Manufacturer: Laser Expressions
Made in: United States
Description: Precision laser technology engraves these beautiful wooden focal components with nearly unimaginable intricacy. The beautifully intricate patterns are highlighted with silver foil accents, making these pieces truly POP! Unique center pieces come in fabulous woods such as classic Maple, bold orangish red Padauk, or majestic purpleheart wood. These lovely pendants look fantastic when accented with other natural materials such as semi precious gemstones and shell beads.
Showroom Aisle: 4
Showroom Section: C

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Showroom Location
Aisle 2 Section H
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Maple Wood Pendant 6 Petal 40mm
Picture of WC920-M, Maple Wood Pendant 6 Petal 40mm

1 PC $6.45 ($6.45 per PC)

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Showroom Location
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Showroom Location
Aisle 3 Section D
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