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Maple Pendant Butterfly Light Blue 51x36mm
Picture of WC927-LBM, Maple Pendant Butterfly Light Blue 51x36mm

1 PC $5.40 ($5.40 per PC) was $6.75

2 PC $8.16 ($4.08 per PC) was $10.20

4 PC $13.04 ($3.26 per PC) was $16.30

8 PC $25.08 ($3.13 per PC) was $31.35


Shape: Butterflies
Size: 36x51mm
Color: Two Tone
Material: Mixed Wood
Manufacturer: Laser Expressions
Made in: United States
Description: Precision laser technology cuts these beautiful wooden focal components with nearly unimaginable intricacy. These lovely pieces look fantastic with other natural materials such as semi precious gemstones and shell beads. And, although they are large in size they are lightweight enough to be worn as earrings!
Showroom Aisle: 1
Showroom Section: M

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