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Jewelry and craft wire design has been steadily increasing in popularity. Whether you want to create cute beaded flowers using seed beads and colored wire, or an intricate sterling and gemstone scrollwork piece you are certain to find the craft wire to suit your needs. Don't forget to pick up your books and videos on wire working and beaded flowers. You also may want to pick up a wire wrapping jig that will aid in crafting consistent and smooth wire loops.

Item Details:

Wire 18 Gauge Sterling Silver 1/2 Hard 1/2 Round 12ft/ounce
Picture of 18CW841-SS, Wire 18 Gauge Sterling Silver 1/2 Hard 1/2 Round 12ft/ounce

1 EA $53.50 ($53.50 per EA)

2 EA $95.50 ($47.75 per EA)

3 EA $137.70 ($45.90 per EA)


Shape: Half Round Half Hard
Size: 18 Gauge - 01.2mm
Color: Silver
Finish: Metallic
Material: .925 Sterling Silver
Description: Wire is measured in gauges, the smaller the gauge the thicker the wire. One might use a thicker gauged wire for support and strength, such as a stem of a beaded flower, and a thinner gauged wire for delicate or intricate crocheted wire projects. Use a middle gauged wire for basic wire wrapping and jig projects. 18 Gauge wire is approximately 0.0403 inches or 1.02 millimeters in diameter.
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