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Chain 3-3 Twists 11x14 & 10x15mm Silver
Picture of 39CX1812, Chain 3-3 Twists 11x14 & 10x15mm Silver

1 FT $10.95 ($10.95 per FT)

2 FT $18.30 ($9.15 per FT)

5 FT $37.75 ($7.55 per FT)


Shape: Silver Plated
Size: Oval Links
Color: Silver
Finish: Metallic
Material: Electroplated Brass
Made in: Korea
Description: Ultra-high quality jewelry chain. Manufactured from hypoallergenic brass, utilizing the finest electroplating technology. Highly resistant to chips, tarnish, peeling and flaking. Not JUST for stringing pendants! Jewelry chain comes in oodles of fun, fabulous styles, some perfect for use as a basic neck chain, while others are so ornate that they beg to be made the center of attention! Attach dangles and crystals with matching jump rings, use as long earring dangles, incorporate into woven bracelet designs, use as accents on clothing and accessories, and more!
Showroom Aisle: 27
Showroom Section: G

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Jump Ring Silver 4mm 21 Gauge 170 Piece/7 Gram
Picture of 4FI221-S, Jump Ring Silver 4mm 21 Gauge 170 Piece/7 Gram

14 GM $3.85 ($0.28 per GM)

28 GM $6.00 ($0.21 per GM)

96 GM $16.40 ($0.17 per GM)

192 GM $31.25 ($0.16 per GM)


Showroom Location
Aisle 28 Section W
More Information.
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Chain Cable 4mm Round Links Silver
Picture of 10CX0812, Chain Cable 4mm Round Links Silver

3 FT $4.75 ($1.58 per FT)

6 FT $7.00 ($1.17 per FT)

12 FT $11.65 ($0.97 per FT)

50 FT $43.10 ($0.86 per FT)


Showroom Location
Aisle 27 Section B
More Information.
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