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We aren't just stringing you along! You can't complete a beading project without the proper stringing materials! We have a great selection of memory wire, threads, cords and elastic stringing materials to choose from. Stretch Magic is an extremely durable elastic beading cord that is great for children's stringing projects using plastic or wood beads. Adults love it for fun stretchy "endless" bracelets made with fire polished beads. You will love our prices on flexible Beadalon nylon coated cable strand. Be sure to check out our ever popular hemp twine, it looks great with natural Bone pendants. Don't make the mistake of stringing your seed beads onto regular weak sewing thread, be sure the material you choose is durable and specifically designed for your project.

Item Details:

Softflex Trios Elegant .019 49-strand 3x10ft
Picture of 19SF525-EL, Softflex Trios Elegant .019 49-strand 3x10ft

1 PK $18.50 ($18.50 per PK)


Shape: Soft Flex Brand Beading Wire
Size: Soft Flex Trios Color Wire Sets
Color: Elegant
Finish: 0.019 Inch - 49 Strand
Material: Nylon Coated Stainless Steel
Made in: United States
Description: Trios Elegant Color wire set consists of 3 spools of Soft Flex® Beading Wire: 10 feet each of Copper Colored Wire, Coral Colored Wire, and Onyx Colored Wire!
Elegant- the state or quality of being fashionable or stately. Soft Flex® Trios were created to compliment designs with a motif or gemstone in mind. Evoke Elegance in your next design. Apply color theory to your designs, and create jewelry with color mixing in mind. Make a romantic piece more vibrant and alive with warm colors or design your next summer set with calming colors. Get creative with our Trios line!
Size: Knot Tying MEDIUM FINE WIRE: .019 diameter, 1x49 micro wires, 3x 10 foot spools, totaling 30 Feet
Ideal all purpose wire. Great with glass, mineral, and metal beads
Weight: Test strength 26lbs
Metric Size: 0.482mm/ 9.144m length
A Green product manufactured in the United States.
Made from 60% recycled steel
Showroom Aisle: 26
Showroom Section: L

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