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Bola Cord

The primary difference between beading cords and beading threads is quite simple. Use cords in projects where the stringing material is intended to be seen, such as in knotted projects, or "tin cup necklaces" where a length of cord is displayed between clusters of beads. Do not wax beading cords as this will make them less visually attractive.

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Bolo Cord 34 Inch Black
Picture of FI348-09, Bolo Cord 34 Inch Black

2 ST $1.89 ($0.94 per ST)

4 ST $2.70 ($0.68 per ST)

25 ST $13.00 ($0.52 per ST)

75 ST $37.50 ($0.50 per ST)


Shape: Bola Cord
Size: 34in
Color: Greys and Blacks
Description: Bolo ties are the pinnacle of classic Southwestern fashion, and will never go out of style. Click here for all your bolo tie components!
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Showroom Section: Q

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