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Memory wire is a very stiff, coiled steel wire. The coils come in three basic sizes: ring, bracelet/ anklet and necklace. Memory wire is designed to return to its original coil shape after stretching. This attribute allows you to create fun jewelry pieces that will retain their shape and do not need to be closed with clasps. Use only memory wire cutters to cut memory wire, as the thick wire will damage your other wire cutters and scissors. Memory wire can be finished using two methods. You can finish memory wire by glueing memory wire end beads to each end, or by using round nose pliers to create a small loop at the ends of the wire. Ring sized memory wire is great for wine glass charms as well.

Item Details:

Memory Wire Cone End Silver 6.5mm
Picture of 99MW800-S, Memory Wire Cone End Silver 6.5mm

6 PC $1.45 ($0.24 per PC)

24 PC $3.97 ($0.17 per PC)

72 PC $9.55 ($0.13 per PC)

288 PC $36.70 ($0.13 per PC)


Shape: Wire Ends
Size: Cone
Color: Silver
Finish: 06.5mm
Material: Base Metal
Description: Quickly and easily add an attractive, professional looking finish to your memory wire creations. Simply affix your wire end with some adhesive.
Showroom Aisle: 27
Showroom Section: A

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