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We aren't just stringing you along! You can't complete a beading project without the proper stringing materials! We have a great selection of memory wire, threads, cords and elastic stringing materials to choose from. Stretch Magic is an extremely durable elastic beading cord that is great for children's stringing projects using plastic or wood beads. Adults love it for fun stretchy "endless" bracelets made with fire polished beads. You will love our prices on flexible Beadalon nylon coated cable strand. Be sure to check out our ever popular hemp twine, it looks great with natural Bone pendants. Don't make the mistake of stringing your seed beads onto regular weak sewing thread, be sure the material you choose is durable and specifically designed for your project.

Item Details:

Poly-resin Replica Basketball 8.5mm
Picture of 94PS100, Poly-resin Replica Basketball 8.5mm

2 PC $1.90 ($0.95 per PC)

4 PC $2.85 ($0.71 per PC)

20 PC $11.30 ($0.57 per PC)

60 PC $32.65 ($0.54 per PC)


Shape: Sports Replica Beads
Size: Basketballs
Color: Browns/Tans/Golds
Finish: 08.5mm
Material: Poly-Resin
Description: Win big and show your support for your favorite team or athlete in style! Create fun and fabulous soccer ball earrings, softball baubles, or a charm bracelet representing each sport and activity your child participates in throughout the year!
Durable resin sports bead with exquisite detail features 2.5mm hole size for a variety of fabulous stringing options!
Showroom Aisle: 8
Showroom Section: X

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Plastic Metallic Basketball Bead 11mm Silver
Picture of 93MA201-S, Plastic Metallic Basketball Bead 11mm Silver

8 PC $2.69 ($0.34 per PC)

16 PC $4.05 ($0.25 per PC)

60 PC $12.20 ($0.20 per PC)

180 PC $35.15 ($0.20 per PC)


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Aisle 30 Section U
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Preciosa Ornela rocaille seed beads are by far our most popular and versatile seed bead available. Preciosa Ornela rocaille seed beads are of superior quality, machine cut, and are highly valued for their use in bead stringing, bead weaving, embroidery and much much more! Preciosa seed beads are proven to be of the upmost value, and demonstrate the highest level of shape consistency.


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