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Beading threads are more stretch and fray resistant than beading cords , but are unsightly. Use beading cords in projects where the stringing material is intended to be seen and beading threads when the material will be completely hidden with beads. Beading threads work fantastic for seed bead stitching and weaving projects, and should be waxed with a thread conditioner to prevent fraying.

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Powerpro Bead Thread .009 20lb 28yd White
Picture of 36TN112, Powerpro Bead Thread .009 20lb 28yd White

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Shape: Power Pro Threads
Size: 0.009in
Color: Whites
Description: Power Pro is a pre waxed braided bead thread that's is resistant to breaking fraying from abrasive beads. Power Pro is as flexible as any beading thread, but is nearly as strong as a beading wire, it has very little stretch and knots easily.
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  1. Powerpro Bead Thread .009 20lb 28yd White

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