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We aren't just stringing you along! You can't complete a beading project without the proper stringing materials! We have a great selection of memory wire, threads, cords and elastic stringing materials to choose from. Stretch Magic is an extremely durable elastic beading cord that is great for children's stringing projects using plastic or wood beads. Adults love it for fun stretchy "endless" bracelets made with fire polished beads. You will love our prices on flexible Beadalon nylon coated cable strand. Be sure to check out our ever popular hemp twine, it looks great with natural Bone pendants. Don't make the mistake of stringing your seed beads onto regular weak sewing thread, be sure the material you choose is durable and specifically designed for your project.

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Hemp Twine 1mm 300/feet 4 Ounce. Spool
Picture of 6TH152-4, Hemp Twine 1mm 300/feet 4 Ounce. Spool

1 SP $4.76 ($4.76 per SP) was $5.95

2 SP $7.68 ($3.84 per SP) was $9.60

6 SP $18.64 ($3.11 per SP) was $23.30


Shape: Hemp Twine
Size: 01mm
Color: Browns/Tans/Golds
Material: Hemp
Description: Hemp is a vastly popular material for teen jewelry, and a must for macrame designs. Hemp is the perfect choice for use with wood and bone beads. Set your kids up with the exciting craft of hemp knotting- just pick up a book on knotting, some hemp, and a couple dollars worth of beads!
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Wood Round Polished Earthtone Mix10mm 140pc
Picture of 10WO1500, Wood Round Polished Earthtone Mix10mm 140pc

1 PK $4.79 ($4.79 per PK) was $5.99

2 PK $7.04 ($3.52 per PK) was $8.80

4 PK $11.28 ($2.82 per PK) was $14.10


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Aisle 24 Section D
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Bone Assorted Mix Shapes And Sizes Dyed
Picture of BN125-MX, Bone Assorted Mix Shapes And Sizes Dyed

150 GM $3.08 ($0.02 per GM) was $3.85

300 GM $4.84 ($0.02 per GM) was $6.05

1050 GM $13.48 ($0.01 per GM) was $16.85

2100 GM $25.68 ($0.01 per GM) was $32.10


Showroom Location
Aisle 24 Section X
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Horn Assorted Mix Shapes/sizes/color
Picture of BN126, Horn Assorted Mix Shapes/sizes/color

100 GM $2.32 ($0.02 per GM) was $2.90

200 GM $3.52 ($0.02 per GM) was $4.40

500 GM $7.00 ($0.01 per GM) was $8.75

1500 GM $19.24 ($0.01 per GM) was $24.05


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Aisle 24 Section V
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Bone Pendants

Bone Pendants and CharmsCheck out our bone pendants. They look great when strung on natural materials such as leather or hemp and are come in lots of hip trendy shapes like fishhooks and yin yangs.

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