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  • AM618-V: Amoracast Gold Vermeil Unicorn Cap 10x19mm 1 Piece

AM618-V: Amoracast Gold Vermeil Unicorn Cap 10x19mm 1 Piece

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These magical unicorn bead caps work best with an 8mm round and a 24 or 26 gauge pin, but can be manipulated to work with 6mm-10mm beads as well.
Standard Gold vermeil is 2 micron plating over sterling, but it still tarnishes and there isn't much that people can do about it outside of replating the pieces. So, we've plated our pieces in 14kt gold (to match gold filled findings), brushed them for an elegant finish and then protective coated them so that they never tarnish or change colour. They are also far stronger than thick vermeil plating in terms of wear and tear.
Designer quality Amoracast components and charms put an end to the world of uniformity and the disposable. Amoracast exists because we believe beauty is food for the soul. Amoracast provides artists with unique, well-made, affordable and high quality components. Amoracast only works with factories that meet international standards for trade practices with regard to safe working conditions, equitable pay, and which never use child labour of any kind.