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BK864-3: Basic And Advanced Chain Maille Book

SKU: BK864-3
Title: Artistic Wire Basic & Advanced Chain Maille- Byzantine/Birdcage, European 4-in-1, Turkish Round, Full Persian/Foxtail, Half-Persian 3-in-1, Japanese 12-in-2, Parallel/Helm's Weave, Dragonscale
Author: Lauren Andersen
Publisher: Beadalon, 2012
Learn Basic and Advanced Chain Maille techniques with the ChainMaille Lady, Lauren Anderson with more than 220 detailed step-by-step picture instructions! Lauren Andersen, also known as The ChainMaille Lady, has a passion for chain maille. In this booklet, Lauren guides you through eight of the basic and advanced chain maille weaves. Once perfected, these weaves can be applied to making a variety of Chain Maille jewelry items. learn how to weave like the expert!
This booklet features more than 220 outstanding picture-technique instructions, and teaches how the different techniques are used to make weaves and patterns using Artistic Wire Chain Maille Rings and Tools
61 Pages
United States