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  • 18FI812-C: Beadalon .018 19-strand Silver Color 100 Feet 1 Spool

18FI812-C: Beadalon .018 19-strand Silver Color 100 Feet 1 Spool

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Metallic Colors combine the rich look and brilliant shine of silver color wire with the dramatic flexibility and softness of Beadalon 19 Strand Wire. "Silver Color" is a value priced silver plated wire and is comprised of a blend of tarnish resistant metals with an actual precious silver plating. These mixed metal wires have slightly lower breaking strengths than other Beadalon Stainless Steel wires.
Specifically designed for bead stringing, Beadalon 19 Strand Beading wire is an ideal choice for creating beady treasures with seed beads, freshwater pearls, ceramic, crystals, and even stone beads. 19 Strand beading wire consists of 19 strands of strong stainless steel wound together, making it much more supple and flexible than 7 Strand wire. Nylon coated for increased kink and abrasion resistance, Beadalon 19 strand beading wire is easy to work with, super strong, and renders secure jewelry that lasts. *For the strongest designs possible, always use the thickest diameter beading wire that will fit through your beads.
Size: .018 inch or 0.46 millimeter (Medium) Diameter, 19 Strands, 100 Feet
Weight: Test strength 16 Lbs.
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