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  • MS27-M: Beadalon Mini Spin N Bead Plastic 1 Each

MS27-M: Beadalon Mini Spin N Bead Plastic 1 Each


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Spin-N-Bead™ Mini Bead Loader The Beadalon Mini Spin-N-Bead loader allows for easy set up for multi-colored beading designs. Arrange multiple Mini Spin-N-Bead bead loaders with different color seed beads in each. String seed beads, liquid silver beads, or other small beads with speed and ease. The Beadalon Spin-N-Bead bead loader makes the tedious work simple! Fill the plastic bowl about half-full of beads, and then spin. Insert a Curved Big Eye needle (not included) into the spinning beads and watch them jump onto the needle! The beads nest all on their own - when ample beads are on the needle, then move them to the connected stinging material and dip the needle back into the spinning beads to load on another few inches. Height: 2.25 inches tall Width: 2.5 Inches
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