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  • MS73-B: Beadalon Wire Bender Jig 1 Each

MS73-B: Beadalon Wire Bender Jig 1 Each


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Wire Bending Jig, 26.5 mm x 11.4 mm / 1.04 in x 4.5 in D-Shape, Isosceles Right Triangle with 90°, 60°, and 30° corners, 4 pegs 6 mm x 25 mm / .236 in x .98 in
This Wire Bender Wig is perfect for bending and wrapping thick wire (16 gauge and thicker). Designed to be clamped to a workbench, it makes forming angles, curves, eye loops and bends in wire easy! This jig may also be hand-held, if desired. A great addition to your set of jig tools. For tough to bend wire, insert wire tail onto small pipe (not included) for additional leverage. Jig measures 5 inch in length. Includes 4 thick pegs (3 short and 1 long).