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BK977: Chain Mail Plus Crystals Charms & More 1 Each

SKU: BK977
Title: Chain Mail Plus- Jewelry Projects Using Crystals, Charms and More
Author Sandy Haugen
Publisher: Kalmbach, 2017
Enhance Your Chain Mail Jewelry
Learn how to add more to your chain mail jewelry projects with Chain Mail Plus. In this book, you'll incorporate crystals, charms, metal links, leather cord, ribbon, and other materials into traditional weaves for lots of sparkle, texture, and color. Author Sandy Haugen's detailed, step-by-step instructions and photos will lead you through each projects. A handy guide to basic techniques and tools allows even beginners to complete each project with ease.
*20+ beautiful chain mail earrings, bracelets, and necklaces
*Hundreds of photos showing each step of the project
Complete instructions, including basic chain mail techniques.
112 pages
8.5x11 inch.
United States