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  • BK329-05: Cheyenne Stitch Vol #5 1 Each

BK329-05: Cheyenne Stitch Vol #5 1 Each

SKU: BK329-05


Cheyenne Stitch Earrings Vol5 by Irene Louise Created using the Cheyenne (or brick) stitch. This volume features birds. There are more than 20 patterns. Patterns include an eagle, a crane, eagle on mount, roosting eagle, hummingbird, partridge, phoenix, waterbird, woodpecker, cardinal, snow owl, snow owl in diamond, thunderbird-mirror image, swan, bird silhouette, spoon-billed duck, blue jay, red and black thunderbird, Canadian goose, swan on pond, large eagle and a heron. Graphs in the back help you to design your own patterns Spiral bound. 32 pages, 8-1/2x 11