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  • 7GL093: Czech Ginko Leaf Two Hole Red Picasso 7.5mm 1 Tube

7GL093: Czech Ginko Leaf Two Hole Red Picasso 7.5mm 1 Tube

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Approximately 32 pieces per 2.5 Inch tube
Yet another fabulous addition to our Czech bead family! Matubo Two Hole Ginko beads measure 7.5x7.5mm. The two .8mm holes run vertically on either side of the äó_í‹äš_äš_䚉_äš_äó¢ŒåŒ¢äó_í‹äš_äš_íµ_äš_í«äš_äóæäš_äó¢ŒåŒÂ_äó_í‹äš_äš_䚉_äš_í«äš_Œ_äó_í‹äš_äš_íµ_äš_í«äš_Œ£äš_í«äš_íæäó_í‹äš_äš_䚉_äš_í«äš_Œ_äš_äó¢äš_íˆäó_í‹äš_äš_䚉äš_íçstemäó_í‹äš_äš_䚉_äš_äó¢ŒåŒ¢äó_í‹äš_äš_íµ_äš_í«äš_äóæäš_äó¢ŒåŒÂ_äó_í‹äš_äš_䚉_äš_í«äš_Œ_äó_í‹äš_äš_íµ_äš_í«äš_Œ£äš_í«äš_íæäó_í‹äš_äš_䚉_äš_í«äš_Œ__. The Ginko(Ginkgo)äó_í‹äš_äš_䚉_äš_äó¢ŒåŒ¢äó_í‹äš_äš_íµ_äš_í«äš_äóæäš_äó¢ŒåŒÂ_äó_í‹äš_äš_䚉_äš_í«äš_Œ_äó_í‹äš_äš_íµ_äš_í«äš_Œ£äš_í«äš_íæäó_í‹äš_äš_䚉_äš_í«äš_Œ_äš_äó¢äš_íˆäš_äó¢ŒåŒ«s unique, organic shape nestles well with other ginkos, as well as a wide variety of other Czech and seed beads.
Picasso Marbled or Stone Look
Czech Republic