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1MB286-B: Preciosa Czech Micro Beads Meadow 250 Gram Bag 053 1 Bag

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Preciosa Ornela Micro Beads- Do not have holes
Thanks to their shape, optical properties and chemical resistance, microbeads are most frequently used as an additive to paints which are used on road signs. They can also be used in various size groups and mixtures as a medium for demanding surface jet blasting, as well as for the more delicate final polishing of stainless steel parts after they have been sorted more precisely.
The optical properties of the microbeads can also be put to excellent use on Christmas decorations. Ornaments sprinkled with transparent microbeads sparkle beautifully when the Christmas tree is well lit. Delicate microbeads can also be used to excellently replace the classic filling in nostalgic hourglasses. Lastly, microbeads are also ideally suited for hobby sets and the most diverse range of artistic creative work. Microbeads can also be used to achieve color surface finishes.
The current offer consists of 31 colors, including three metallic finishes; silver, bronze and copper. Colored microbeads can be applied to transparent or opaque bases of various types. As such, they can be used in unconventional stained glass work, mandalas, to achieve the flocking effect or in decorations when painting on skin or modelling nails. You can also use microbeads in creative workshops. All you need is an idea and clever hands to realise it!
Preciosa Ornela