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  • 6SB893-E: Czech Seed Bead Etched Golden Rose #Z391B 6/0 - 18 Strings

6SB893-E: Czech Seed Bead Etched Golden Rose #Z391B 6/0 - 18 Strings

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<b>Rocaille Seed Beads</b> are squat and rounded in shape, they're slightly wider around than they are tall.<br><i>E Bead</i> or <i>ebead</i> is a common trade name for size 6/0 rocaille (round) seed beads. Size 4/0 or size 5/0 seed beads are also sometimes referred to as <i>E Beads</i>.<br>6/0 Seed beads measure approximately 4 millimeters. Expect to receive about 180 beads per strand.<br><b>Preciosa Ornela</b> traditional Czech glass seed beads exhibit superior quality, outstanding uniformity, and exceptional breadth of assortment, making them the perfect choice for any beading project!<br>Always be certain to purchase a few more beads than you plan to need to avoid finding yourself a day late and a bead short.<br><b>Some metallic and galvanized beads are not colorfast</b>. Test for colorfastness before use. Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight and chemicals. Remove jewelry before washing and bathing. Hand wash with water or mild soap if you must clean embroidery.
Preciosa Ornela
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