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  • 6SB133-IT: Czech Seed Bead Intensive Orange #16A91 6/0 - 36 Strings

6SB133-IT: Czech Seed Bead Intensive Orange #16A91 6/0 - 36 Strings

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2 +$34.95
SKU: 6SB133-IT
Rocaille Seed Beads are squat and rounded in shape, they're slightly wider around than they are tall.
E Bead or ebead is a common trade name for size 6/0 rocaille (round) seed beads. Size 4/0 or size 5/0 seed beads are also sometimes referred to as E Beads.
6/0 Seed beads measure approximately 4 millimeters. Expect to receive about 180 beads per strand. Always be certain to purchase a few more beads than you expect to need to avoid finding yourself a day late and a bead short.
Preciosa Ornela Czech glass seed beads exhibit superior quality, outstanding uniformity, and exceptional breadth of assortment, making them the perfect choice for any beading project!
Slight color variations due to natural properties of glass cannot be avoided.
Seed Beads should be kept away from small children (danger of swallowing and/or inhalation).
Unstable color coating may rub off with abrassive handling or chemical exposure
Preciosa Ornela
Terra Coated/Intensive
Czech Republic