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GG245-CV: Green Girl Dragonfly Pebble Verdigris - 1 Piece

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Green Girl Studios artists Cynthia Thronton and Greg Ogden design, sculpt, and carve their whimsical creations from their studio in Asheville, NC. Inspired by magical tales, each bead, charm, and pendant the couple creates tells a story.
Each element is created with hand crafted detail, cast from solid pewter and plated with jewelers quality metal ingots.
Green Girl Studios:All of our pieces are made from the highest quality materials available. We don't use anything toxic, leaded or bad for the environment. Since were pretty much cooking up this stuff in the house, we don't want to have issues with skin disorders or foaming at the mouth either, so only the best stuff is used!
Plated Green Girl selections are finished by Vintaj- a result of a mutually benifical collaboration between two US based, female artisan led, eco-friendly, humanitarian minded companies working to create a better world for artists, women, and independant bussiness owners.
Green Girl Studios
Handmade Lead-free Pewter
United States