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  • 99ST405: Howlite Chips 36 Inch Strand - - 1 String

99ST405: Howlite Chips 36 Inch Strand - - 1 String

1 – 1$5.85
2 – 4$5.25
5 +$4.65
SKU: 99ST405
Small gemstone are both popular and versatile. Their convenient size makes them easy to work with, and useful in a wide variety of designs. You can use them as a subtle color accent or base your entire design upon them. Their natural organic shape makes them a great partner for beads like precious metal rounds or metallic seed beads. Howlite was discovered in Nova Scotia by Henry How. This gem is easily recognized by its grey, black or brown veins within opaque white stone. Howlite is a porous and inexpensive gem, which makes it a great candidate for dying. It is often dyed to resemble Turquoise or Lapis. Some alternative healers believe it to decrease stress and encourage restful sleep, it is also often known as "Tranquility Stone".