Handmade Cedar Burl Pendants

Long time residents of Colorado, Father daughter duo Larry and Alisa Hjermstad create artistic pieces from the unique and undulating swirls of the Mountain Cedar Burl. Father Larry crafts hand carved custom walking sticks, burl bowls, and various types of dining, meditation, and candle holders. Inspired by the unique patterns found in the smaller burls, daughter Alisa began creating the wonderful cedar pendants and earrings you see here today!

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WO102-4: Cedar Burl Wood Pendant 43mm 1 Piece
35% Off
WO102-5: Cedar Burl Wood Pendant 40mm 1 Piece
35% Off
WO102-F: Cedar Burl Wood Pendant F 35mm 1 Piece
35% Off
WO103-2: Cedar Burl Wood Earrings 35mm 1 Pair
35% Off
WO103-3: Cedar Burl Wood Earrings 34mm 1 Pair
35% Off