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  • 99ST431: Rainbow Fluorite Chips 36 Inch Strand - - 1 String

99ST431: Rainbow Fluorite Chips 36 Inch Strand - - 1 String

1 – 1$8.35
2 – 9$7.40
10 +$5.20
SKU: 99ST431
Small gemstone are both popular and versatile. Their convenient size makes them easy to work with, and useful in a wide variety of designs. You can use them as a subtle color accent or base your entire design upon them. Their natural organic shape makes them a great partner for beads like precious metal rounds or metallic seed beads. Fluorite, also known as Fluorspar, is noted for its incredible shades of purples, blues, greens, yellows and whites. The deep purples of Fluorite can be as vibrant as that of Amethyst. This stone offers a translucent glassy appearance in pretty pastels, primarily purple, clear, green and sometimes yellow. Fluorite exhibits a fluorescence in ultraviolet light. Despite its broad eye-catching color spectrum, this gem is often overlooked in jewelry manufacturing, which makes it both affordable and unique. Fluorite is a fragile stone, so clean it with warm soapy water only.