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  • 4ST418-CF: Red Garnet Faceted Coin 4mm - 15 Pieces

4ST418-CF: Red Garnet Faceted Coin 4mm - 15 Pieces

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These diamond-cut coins have sharp, clean facets and extra faceted surface area for maximum sparkle. The unique "checkerboard" cut adds extra ways for light to play. These beads have larger-than-average holes and accommodate wire thickness up to 20 gauge. Red Garnet is the most commonly known type of Garnet, which occurs in many colors. Garnet has been used for adornment and spirituality by myriad cultures and civilizations throughout history, its oldest known use being in Egypt more than five thousand years ago. Garnet is used today not only as an ornamental gem, but also for industrial purposes from watch gears and scientific instruments to sandpaper and other abrasives.