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  • 19SF194-10: Softflex Pink .019 49-strand 10 Feet Spool

19SF194-10: Softflex Pink .019 49-strand 10 Feet Spool

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NEW! Smaller 10 foot spools allow you to experiment with color without committing to spending money on multiple full sized (30 foot) spools!
Soft Flex is crafted with state of the art micro wire technology. Soft Flex Beading wire is lead free and constructed from 21 or 49 micro woven stainless steel cables, braided together and coated in nylon. This innovative wire technology gives you a superior, flexible and knottable super strong beading material.
Size .019 is medium in size. It is an ideal all purpose wire, great for glass, crystal, silver, pewter, most freshwater pearls and seed beads!
Size: .019 Diameter, 49 Strands, 10 Feet
Weight: test strength 26 Lbs.
Metric Size: 0.482mm diameter/ 3.048 meter length
United States